How to Make Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam is a long-time favorite for many men, women and children. This sweet spread is perfect for sandwiches, toast, spreading on biscuits or a wide range of other preferences. While buying it in the store might be convenient, it is also full of preservatives and added ingredients. Making the strawberry jam at home is the best way to end up with an amazing taste and an alternative that is free of added flavors and preservatives.

Ingredients and Needed Equipment

Making the jam starts with gathering the appropriate ingredients and equipment, which includes:

  1. Eight cups of raw, unprepared strawberries
  2. Pectin
  3. About four cups of sugar or honey
  4. A large pot
  5. A ladle or large spoon
  6. Canning supplies
  7. A canner

These ingredients are all that is needed to make tasty strawberry jam.

Making the Jam

Once the ingredients are prepared and everything is ready, it is time to make the jam. Making strawberry jam is a simple process and a wide range of options are available to make it the preferred consistency and taste. In general, pectin is not necessary to add, but it will help thicken the jam much faster because strawberries have a lower content of pectin than many other fruits.

Before starting, it is usually best to prepare the canning supplies by cleaning the jars, lids and rings. This disinfects the jars of anything that might previously been in them.

Start the process of making the jam by washing and hulling the strawberries. Always remove the hull from the strawberries when making jam. It does not add to the flavor and can actually detract from it if left in the middle.

Crush the fruit. Strawberry jam does not require completely crushing the berries until it is not possible to tell what it was, but it should be mashed slightly for the best results. This will release some of the juice and will make cooking much easier. It also improves the consistency of the jam. At the end of this process, the eight cups of berries should end up more around five to six cups.

Measure the sugar or honey. Around four cups will create the great flavor and prevent runny jam. Those who prefer a slightly sweeter jam can use either sugar added pectin or add up to seven cups of sugar, depending on personal preferences. Put this aside.

If the pectin is no sugar added, mixing around one cup of sugar with the pectin will help improve the mixture when it is added to the strawberries. In general, one packet of pectin is enough for the jam. Those who prefer a thicker jam can mix in more pectin if preferred.

Once the sugar is prepared, place the strawberries in the large pan and turn on the heat to medium or medium-high temperature. Mix in the pectin and stir slowly. Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring often to prevent burning on the bottom of the pan. Depending on the temperature, it should take around five to ten minutes to boil.

Add the remaining sugar that was not mixed with the pectin to the jam and stir it into the mixture. This will stop the jam from boiling for a minute or two. Bring it back to a boil while mixing.

Removing the foam from the top of the mixture will finish off the jam. Once the jam is finished, it is then just a matter of ladling the jam into the cans and following the directions on the specific canner to finish off the process. In general, canning should take around five to ten minutes, depending on altitude.

Once the jam is canned, it is ready to eat, use or gift as preferred. This homemade jam is simple to make and is a tasty alternative to the options available in stores.

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